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About Us

We are Focus EduVation

Focus EduVation is a leading provider of eLearning solutions, higher education, and corporate training. We are headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, and have been in business for over 15 years. We offer a wide range of services, including:

Focus EduVation has been operating since 2009 as a DBA of Focus EduSolutions, Inc. Following a demerger from Focus Care, Inc., Focus EduSolutions is established with an unchanged ownership structure and is a part of The Focus Group , a global entity for over 35 years with diverse business interests in education, healthcare, e-governance, and securities.
Focus EduVation provides eLearning and online education technology solutions and services to the education, corporate, healthcare, publishing, and government departments. Focus EduSolutions, Inc. (https://focusedusolutions.com ) specializes in delivering Micro-Credentials, Bootcamps, and Corporate Mandated Certificate programs to colleges, universities, and industry partners.

Our Team


Anirudh Baheti

President & CEO

Vik Aurora

Senior Vice President

Shyam Nair

Vice President – Innovations

Vishal Kumar

Vice President - Operations
Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh

Associate Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Randeep K Sethi

Associate Vice President - Projects

Maheshraj Urs

Senior Manager - Program Research & Proposals

Devika Majumdar

Executive Specialist - Strategic Partnerships