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Blended Teaching And Learning: Sharing Challenges And Successes For A Classroom-To-Campus Strategy

Student engagement is a key concern for educators. Does effective learning take place if students are not able to make meaningful connections with course material? Blended learning has been shown to increase both student engagement and achievement more effectively than both in-person and online instruction alone. Blended learning is a mix of traditional classroom presentations and online…

Adaptive Learning

Student-Centric Learning: Why Adaptive Learning is Important

Learning models were long focused on keeping things standard to make the lives of teachers and institutional administrators simpler. This focus has shifted in recent years to a more student-focused learning model. One powerful tool within this model is adaptive learning, and research shows its advantages over traditional teaching. It is because of these benefits…


Which Virtual Learning Environment Tools Should You Include in Your Online Courses to Help Enhance the Student Learning Experience?

Virtual learning environments promote learning objectives across the internet. The latest software simulates classroom-based education and accommodates students who want to take control of their learning. Here are some virtual learning environment tools that help your students learn on their own. 1. Games Research shows that games improve retention and engagement. Students can play games…


Personalized Learning through Adaptive Technology

Over the past few months, you may have heard some chatter about personalized learning through adaptive technology. Not surprising. The Brookings Institution referred to personalized learning as a major movement in education. Murray (2017) stated that colleges and universities are increasingly seeking ways to customize curriculum and learner outcomes via adaptive technology to match student-needs…


5 Important Trends in Higher Education Remediation

According to Education Next, more than 50 percent of freshman in the United States are ineligible for university-level courses and must take some form of remediation. Higher learning remediation is necessary for several reasons. Sometimes students in high school don’t receive or aren’t able to finish the courses necessary to prepare them for college. It’s…