Media Development

Through a flexible process that allows collaboration among our instructional designers, subject matter experts, and interactional designers, we take your concept from initial design through deployment. Our team of content and media specialists provides our stakeholders with opportunities for review, collaborative channels of input, and innovative text and graphic products that exceed the industry standard.
Beginning with a thorough analysis of the systems already in place, our content and media team will gather the required materials to set forth a proposal that enhances learners’ experience. From there, they begin designing concepts based on the publisher’s samples and setting standards for grading and assessment. As they branch out to create interactive components for the e-Learning system, the final product comes into focus and is delivered to our stakeholders for review. Finally, the last finishing touches, including revisions and corrections, are added, and the product is launched. Our customers report immediate results and high levels of satisfaction through this collaborative, thorough process.

Their Expertise

Our content and media development includes:

  • Subject matter experts
  • Interactional designers with UI & UX
  • Interactive game developers
  • Visualizers and animators

We have illustrated a workflow with teams below.