Custom Content

Every project needs a system of checks and balances to ensure a smooth process and exemplary results. At Focus EduVation, our Editorial Team comprises subject matter experts with years of experience in content development, proofreading, editing, and more. With a commitment to quality and a desire to help our customers fully embrace e-Learning and stand out among the competition, Focus Eduvation brings creativity, established experience in writing relevant educational copy, and a commitment to quality on every project.

Our content development experts transcend mere words on a screen. Our editorial team offers you:

  • Project management services, overseen by an in-house project manager who opens channels of communication, adheres to budgetary needs, and drives forward the timeline
  • Product development, beginning with a series of reasonable goals and driving forward through the delivery of the finished product.
  • Content and copyediting, performed by an expert copy editor who will ensure that all content exceeds expectations and is consistent in voice, tone, and direction
  • Proofreading that goes far beyond basic grammar and spelling to include a focus on layout and design

Furthermore, Focus EduVation offers in-house art and design services that address all clients’ needs to transform text into an immersive, interactive learning system. Our experienced design team works to connect both teachers and students through creative visuals in all types of media that illustrate key concepts and capture learners’ interest. Art and design services include:

  • Page layout and design
  • Art buying and photo research
  • Covers, packaging, and branding

Ultimately, Focus Eduvation offers all clients total-paakage solutions that address our clents’ struggle to promote growth into new markets and give learners more well-rounded access to success. Through our collaboration, drive, and passion, we have what you need to create e-Learning programs that really work.

Over the years our teams have become adept in effectively analyzing client expectations, and also undertaking requirement gathering and analysis. This helps the teams in designing seamless content wireframes that help us to effectively storyboard the content. Our teams are also deeply invested in QA and review and incorporating client feedback.