Portfolio Compilation

This brief compilation of our portfolio speaks volumes about our creativity, fresh approach, and a passion to create the best digital learning experience.

Our services portfolio includes:

  • Simulations for Courses | Designing game based and decision based simulations or standalone simulations
  • Building standalone gaming applications
  • Assessment development and Building ancillary materials as in-class and course resources
  • Studio grade digital animations
  • Video Design and Development | Application Case study Videos, Concept Videos, Marketing Assets, Course Promotion Videos
  • Designing and building Interactive learning Objects
  • Creating rich media courses
  • Flash to HTML5 conversion services
  • Microsoft Enterprise and support Services
  • Artwork creation
  • QA services that include Meta tagging and LO tagging for assessments and content
  • UI and UX design consult services

For more information on the content and the samples enclosed, please email me at vik@focuseduvation.com  I do look forward to  hearing from you.

Vik Aurora, Vice President – Strategic Partnerships
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