Online Student Orientation

Program Schema and Layout- An Approach

Enclosed below are a few of the suggestions that are proposed to be incorporated for the final deliverable unit.

  • Welcome Screen
  • Begin The Online Student Orientation
  • Introduction To (Institution Name)  Online
  • Explore (Institution Name)
  • Take A Virtual Tour Of The (Institution Name) Campus
  • Apply For An (Institution Name) Online Degree Program
  • Learn More About The Admissions Process
  • Review Tuition And Financial Aid Options
  • Prepare For Learning In An Online Environment
  • How Do Online Courses Work
  • Preview An Online Course
  • Prepare For Online Course Expectations
  • Learn More About Academic Expectations For Online Students
  • Stay On Track Toward Graduation As An (Institution Name)
  • Register For Online Courses Each Semester
  • View Additional Resources Available To You As An Online Student

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Online Student Orientation

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