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Course Content Enhancements

Have you found that your courses have all the content that is offered in an in-seat course but your enrollments and student retention numbers are not where you want them to be?

Do you want your courses to appear cutting edge and dynamic.  We offer Online Course Enhancement and Gamification services to help bring your courses into the 21st century.

Our Instructional Designers will work in collaboration with your faculty or our subject matter experts to develop videos, graphics, and interactives that will appreciatively improve student outcomes and the overall experience.  We work with you to bring the students an active learning experience.

A decision-based simulation is designed to assess, evaluate and apply the learner’s capability to think critically and analytically about real world scenarios. E-learning simulations are designed to ensure improved learning outcomes and enable the learner to apply critical concepts effectively in the real world.

These simulations are applied in multiple scenarios—you could have a “make or buy decision” or a complex acquisition strategy that will have multiple variables. Our simulation-building strategy enables our clients to assess the student on the pedagogy that is best suited to the instructional path.

We ensure that the decision simulation is built on critical linear thinking that leads to a predetermined outcome and is then mapped to a fairly complex decision-making structure. The learner can be led through a maze of interesting game scenarios, which are in line with a rich graphical user interface that encourages interactivity sessions with peers via an immersed learning environment.

Our teams comprise media specialists and subject matter experts who have a wide exposure to the application of these tools in a classroom. We also involve focus groups to work along with the design and development teams in creating our e-learning simulation games.

We have designed and developed rich media interfaces that lead to seamless navigation for all immersed players in a virtual environment. Our media visualizers plan every stage of the engagement in the frame to challenge and excite the learner.

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Does of all this sound interesting? Watch this brief video and learn more about our process and how your institution can benefit from the quality and expertise that is the hallmark of the Focus EduVation way!

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