Solutions for Publishers

In an increasingly digital world, learning processes and solutions need to focus on virtually integrated learning–and publishers want a company like Focus EduVation to respond to that need. Through digital means, publishers harness a significant dynamic growth in the learning process. These means cater to a variety of learning styles including visual, logical, and verbal. With the help of Focus EduVation, publishers can enlighten and excite learners with an e-Learning solution that takes advantage of available resources and innovations to meet each learner’s individual needs.

Common Publisher Challenges

On a daily basis, educational publishers face a variety of challenges that are simply not met through traditional media. Some of these challenges include:

  • Heavy competition from open-source software at perceived lower costs to learners
  • A need to dispense engaging, unique, enriching coursework
  • Required adherence to continuously changing standards
  • High expenses for text-based updates and new editions
  • Various requirements for compliance and accessibility standards
  • A wider focus on the variety of learning styles in a classroom at any given time

While the rest of the media world turns to digital solutions for more robust programming, educational publishers must follow suit to make learning applicable to learners in a technological world. Though exercises in textbooks do provide relevant opportunities for understanding concepts, learners have developed new requirements that match the varied and seamlessly integrated nature of the digital age–requirements that are not met by text alone. That’s where e-Learning programs provide the greatest benefits.

How E-Learning Addresses Challenges

Educators across the nation are utilizing digital learning solutions to create well-rounded teaching methods and lesson plans.
A digital learning solution benefits the classroom by:shutterstock_132445355

  • Introducing new methods for delivering traditional content, spanning across videos, activities, and even games
  • Employing innovative game-based learning programs, as well as other e-Learning solutions, to inspire learners’ curiosity while presenting measurably improved outcomes
  • Addressing the common accessibility challenges with visual and
    aural aides
  • Readily presenting information to learners while giving teaching professionals an effective outlet to display their lesson plans

E-learning programs and digital solutions present a more user-friendly and effective method for dispensing information to learners. Through immersive programs, publishers can give educators the tools they need to engage learners at all levels.

Why You Need Focus EduVation to Develop Your E-Learning Program

Focus EduVation has worked diligently to cement a position as the thought leader in the field of e-Learning–a work ethic that shines through in each of our projects. As a collaborative team, we will help to create solutions that will deliver traditional content in a new and engaging way. With the addition of incremental content, we will adapt e-Learning content to meet the dynamic needs of the publishing industry. The Focus Ed team will build an e-Learning solution that will elevate publisher’s digital assets, increasing shelf life and allowing publishers to stay on the cutting edge. Contact us today at (781) 376-6922 to take advantage of all Focus Ed has to offer for your publishing and educational success.