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Solutions for K–12, College, and Professional Development

E-learning has experienced significant growth over the past few years, and that initial growth is expected to continue its acceleration for the foreseeable future. The most prominent growth has been seen in college-level courses and various vocational schools; however, the growth is not limited to just these areas. The K–12 industry is experiencing significant expansion in the form of virtual schools and state and locally-funded charter schools. To keep in touch with the continued expansion of e-Learning in K–12, college, and professional development, programs are implementing digital solutions to their coursework to meet with the growing needs of their learners. At Focus EduVation, we’re here to help our clients expertly craft instructional design, learning theory, and gamification elements into their lesson plans. We work with our clients to create an immersive and engaging environment that displays measurable results.

Common K–12, College, and Professional Development Challenges

On a daily basis, education professionals are faced with difficult challenges. Some of the most evident challenges include:

  • Concerns that learners working at a different pace or have different learning styles are being left behind
  • Games and immersive supplements that are treated as add-ons and don’t always coincide with text lessons
  • Trouble finding time for coursework, especially if learners are employed in a full-time or part-time position
  • Lack of interest and engagement with traditional content delivery methods, as well as a lack of willingness to participate during discussions
  • Accessibility standards and 508 compliance inadequacies in traditional learning materials
  • Classroom management issues when teaching multiple classes or when teaching a large-scale classroom
  • Varied standards between in-classroom and homeschooling methods

While no two learning environments are alike, we do see an expansive list of correlating challenges that instructors typically face. In terms of solving those challenges and creating a more learner-friendly method of educational content, many are turning to e-Learning and other digital options that complement online coursework.

 How E-Learning Addresses Challenges

By providing K–12, college, and professional development learners with a customized and innovative E-learning solution, educators will see:

  • A dynamic, self-paced environment that appeals to a wide range of learning styles and educational levels, as well as learners’ interests–e-Learning solutions also include interactive media where learners help teach one another
  • An elevation from lesson plan to lesson success through game-based or interactive e-Learning methods, proven to facilitate the most retention
  • The ability for learners to access and engage in coursework at a time of convenience, while allowing them the opportunity to review certain sections several times to ensure comprehension
  • An engaging and comfortable outlet for learners that has proven to foster more interaction among students and their instructors
  • Consistent and memorable e-Learning solutions for a comprehensive learning experience–this solution is also compatible on a multitude of devices and is capable of software updates
  • Accessibility challenges addressed through a variety of digital solutions and methods
  • Simple and efficient management of multiple classes and class sizes

At Focus EduVation, we rise to meet these challenges by incorporating new technology and educational business models to achieve successful standards. From conception through development, the Focus Ed team works closely with K–12, college, and professional development educators to create specific course materials that engage students and facilitate their success.

When it comes to unique techniques and customized content for K–12, college, and professional development institutions, our experts will tailor course content for individualized learning outcomes that are specific to the needs and wants of your educational path.

 Why You Need Focus EduVation to Develop Your E-Learning Program

At Focus EduVation, we understand that different institutions have different budgets. We work tirelessly to create cost-effective services for educators with budgets of all sizes. Our dedicated and imaginative staff collaborates over every facet of each e-Learning solution, guaranteeing the creation of customized course materials that will meet goals and exceed traditional educational standards.

Focus Ed’s e-Learning services are comprised of premium educational materials and engaging technology, combining education with innovation to empower student learning. We stand behind K–12, college, and professional development institutions so we can turn the interests of students into pure passion. Take advantage of Focus Ed’s K–12, college, and professional development services to empower the learners of tomorrow.