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Solutions for Consumer Services and Retail

The era of the wire-bound, 32-page employee handbook and conference-style seminar training is over. Web-based training and digitized e-Learning solutions are the norm when familiarizing learners with company policies, functions, procedures, and new products or services. To help bring our clients’ consumer services and retail businesses to the forefront in e-Learning innovation, Focus EduVation provides premium educational solutions and technology to meet the increasing demands and needs of our clients and their workforce.

Common Consumer Services and Retail Challenges

The daily pressures of the consumer services and retail industry’s fast-paced nature make traditional educational tools inefficient. Some of the education-based challenges faced by the industry include:

  • New employees’ difficulties comprehending and recalling all necessary information when training for a new position
  • Time-consuming training, especially with the launch of new products or services, that can decrease daily productivity
  • Noticeable disconnect between written material and corporate policies, values, vision, and mission–sometimes leading to a disregard or inability to recall printed training material
  • Inconsistent quantitative data to track product or policy comprehension
  • High expense when purchasing training materials

Consumer services and retail professionals need an educational outlet to enhance their learners’ knowledge quickly, without interrupting daily productivity. Also, learners must digest and comprehend all the information presented to meet with their industry’s demands. To accomplish this goal, a modernized and all-inclusive digital solution has been developed to ease the training process.

How e-Learning Addresses Challenges

The use of e-Learning solutions will provide an interactive and efficient solution that will streamline the education of current and new employees. Recruits of all levels will be sensitized to company values, vision, and mission through Focus EduVation’s customized, innovative, and creative e-Learning modules. A custom-designed Focus EduVation digital solution will provide remarkable differences by:

  • Engaging new employees, making vital information easier to retain and recall
  • Implementing essential information on a large scale without taking time away from productivity and sales growth, while allowing learners to apply new information in real time
  • Providing a customized solution that presents corporate information to learners in a unique and engaging way–connecting corporate identity with training material, leading to an immersive experience
  • Tracking learners’ success and ensuring substantial outcomes by using a variety of interactive media that is specifically designed to achieve goals and increase learner retention
  • Presenting consumer service and retail educators with a digital solution that is easy to update and compatible on a multitude of devices, making it a cost efficient, measurable, and universal solution

Educational success is achieved through learning and empowerment. By addressing internal protocols, customer service techniques, and interactive training media, the education and evaluation of consumer services and retail professionals will be more efficient, allowing you to avoid the obstacles of implementing traditional methods.

Why You Need Focus EduVation to Develop Your e-Learning Program

Our all-inclusive services involve technical consulting, formulating, and strict testing to ensure successful and measurable results. We aim to empower learners across the nation with our services, while creating successful outcomes for employers. With the use of a variety of interactive media specifically designed to help you achieve your goals, we incorporate innovative technology to create learning methods that will track learners’ success and ensure substantial outcomes.

All of our consumer services are designed to further learning and teaching through an environment that is technology-centered and high energy. Our support services are necessary for innovation and a quality e-Learning experience. With our unique abilities and customized services, you can count on the success of our consumer services and retail-focused modules. Improve your teaching techniques and learning outcomes with the help of Focus Ed’s consumer services today by calling us at (781) 376-6922.