Focus EduVation wins APEX 2018 Award of Excellence for Online Course Creation

Focus EduVation, industry leader in the design and development of custom content for online programs offered by colleges and universities, has been awarded the APEX 2019 Grand Award of Excellence in the Electronic Media category for the Best Use of Story Based Learning for an Educational Games on a Website. For its APEX 2019 Grand…

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What Are the Security Risks of Not Converting Flash Content to HTML5?

One of the biggest advantages that HTML5 has over Flash is its greater security. However, if you already offer a lot of digital learning materials, such as Flash animations, you may wonder just how significant are the risks of delaying your Flash to HTML5 conversion. Here is an overview of the security risks of putting…

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3 Ways to Enhance Accessibility in Online Courses

Accessibility is key to online learning. It provides each unique student with content that they can read, understand, apply and remember. For students who experience challenges to their sight, hearing or motor control, this means high standards. It means holding educational content to high standards and ensuring the content meets Section 508 accessibility standards. Enhance…

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Focus EduVation

Online Gaming Leverages the Innovation in eLearning to Maximize Results

Online gaming is among the most effective educational tools immerse the student in the material, enveloping them with sights and sounds to stimulate their minds. No matter their age, an interactive educational experience that draws on multiple senses enforces the learning process and makes the material more readily absorbed. In this modern age of technological…

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Assistance for Students With Learning Disabilities

Partnering with a student disability services center offers great advantages to universities creating e-learning solutions. According to a 2010 report from the U.S. Department of Education, about 15 to 20 percent of Americans are diagnosed as having learning disorders. This number does not count the number of international students enrolled in e-learning programs who may…

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Blended Learning Keyword Cloud

Blended Teaching And Learning: Sharing Challenges And Successes For A Classroom-To-Campus Strategy

Student engagement is a key concern for educators. Does effective learning take place if students are not able to make meaningful connections with course material? Blended learning has been shown to increase both student engagement and achievement more effectively than both in-person and online instruction alone. Blended learning is a mix of traditional classroom presentations and online…

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Adaptive Learning

Student-Centric Learning: Why Adaptive Learning is Important

Learning models were long focused on keeping things standard to make the lives of teachers and institutional administrators simpler. This focus has shifted in recent years to a more student-focused learning model. One powerful tool within this model is adaptive learning, and research shows its advantages over traditional teaching. It is because of these benefits…

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