Angela Lydon

Admissions Counselor

My name is Angela, a current Beverly, Massachusetts resident working for a higher education company. My title as Admissions Counselor includes more than providing students with an overview of what the company has to offer. I work directly with the marketing team developing and editing original content for outgoing campaigns. I have the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, as I enjoy challenges. I am looking to broaden my horizon in the field with my background as a North Shore Community College and Salem State University graduate. Additionally, I hold a Certificate from Harvard University and a valid Real Estate Certificate. I enjoy challenges and accomplishing new obstacles.

In my spare time, I indulge in new books, expression through creative writing and venturing outdoors.

My intention is to apply my acquired knowledge as well as obtained workplace skills to my future. I have the desire to learn new things and being a quick learner is part of my motivation. I maintain a friendly and collaborative personality, and look forward to discussing any opportunities.

Thought Leadership


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