SME for Advanced Statistics and Design of Experiments

Focus EduVation seeks US-based Subject Matter Experts [SMEs] with knowledge in Advanced Statistics and Design of Experiments. Individuals with Masters degree may apply.

The SME is expected to create content based on the provided syllabus that covers:

  • Techniques and practices necessary for accomplishing repeatable and high-quality experimental results.
  • The notions of data collection, estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis for the purpose of comparing treatment and making decisions are reviewed.
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) as well as two-and multi-factor and chi square experimental designs are introduced and applications visited. Design of Experiments (DOE), including design concepts, procedures, and documentation requirements are stressed throughout the course.
  • A project culminates the course, requiring application of topics within the DOE context.
  • A statistical package is utilized throughout the course as both a teaching tool and a learning device.

Technology Requirements

  • Statistics software: R/RStudio or PHStat (or any other statistics packages). Both R and RStudio are FREE.
  • Other software/App: CamScanner, this app or any other apps can be used to digitize your handwriting work.

This is a 1099 opportunity.

How to apply: email to;

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