Design Engineering SME [Finite Element Analysis]

Focus EduVation seeks US-based Subject Matter Experts [SMEs] with knowledge in Finite Element Analysis. Individuals with Engineering – Civil, Automotive Systems background may apply.

The SME is expected to create content based on the provided syllabus that covers:

Introduction to the finite element method – Topics: structural analysis, structural dynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics; use of typical large-scale computer programs; innovative design and analysis; modeling techniques; geometric or material nonlinear analysis.

This is a 1099 opportunity.

Qualification & Experience:

  1. Masters Degree
  2. Experience in preparing Academic content on the mentioned topics for Universities/Higher Education

Skills and Competencies:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the concepts, mathematical formulation and numerical implementation
  • Underlying the FEA as applied to solid mechanics and fluid mechanics
  • Create his/her own FEA computer programs using Matlab to solve engineering problems
  • Analyze more complex problems using commercial FEA software ABAQUS
  • Demonstrate the ability to invoke appropriate assumptions, select proper elements and develop FEA models that adequately and efficiently represent physical systems
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver a professional FEA report of their work and give a well-organized presentation

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