Working at Focus EduVation

Fielding the right team is critical to success at Focus EduVation. Each member’s specific content skills, commitment, and drive toward excellence bolster the success of any project. The growth of our company is solely dependent on the talent and the skills of our workforce. We value employee opinions and encourage contribution. We want people who are willing to take on challenges and be diligent about their responsibilities. We encourage supporting each other while gaining from one another’s skills and expertise. Focus EduVation encourages disruptive behavior at workplace that leads to innovation. We want our teams to think BIG.

We are committed to providing equal opportunity employment and ensure that all applicants and current employees are treated fairly, irrespective of gender, age, marital status, disability, ethnicity or social class. We believe that good financial compensation is not the only reward for work well done. A healthy work–life balance goes a long way to making Focus EduVation an enjoyable, productive place to work.

When you join the Focus EduVation team, be assured that you’re joining an elite group of dedicated and motivated innovators. You can also feel confident knowing that we are committed to continuing to nurture our workforce, employing those who will strive to meet our company’s and employees’ high standards.

HR Practices

We’re always looking to hire a valued addition to our team and when you join us, we want you to have a positive work experience. To ensure a culture of trust and respect we have established a transparent list of HR practices to ensure that all employees find satisfaction in coming to work every day.

The keys to our success:

  • Clearly defined policies and procedures that align with our corporate objectives
  • Recruiting and retention practices that focus on developing and supporting the employee
  • Opportunities for showcasing your achievements in our 360-degree performance management feedback system
  • Competitive salary and benefits package for every employee
  • Full compliance with applicable federal and provincial employment laws
  • Secure maintenance of records to ensure privacy of our employees’ information

At Focus EduVation, we are committed to providing an equal opportunity work environment. All of our employees and applicants are treated with respect and equal consideration regardless of gender, age, marital status, disability, ethnicity, or social class.


It all starts with people. Our teams are our biggest asset. The success of our company and our clients has always been due to the success of our employees. To foster their passion and make sure they feel excited and engaged with their work, we put an emphasis on our company culture. We keep a keen eye on policy development, training, recruitment, mentoring, skill development, advancement, and our culture to ensure we’re offering the best for our employees.

We cultivate and promote best practices for a positive work environment with our entire global workforce. Over the years we’ve learned that financial compensation isn’t the only reward for a job well done and that a healthy work-life balance goes a long way to making work feel less like “work.” We also provide opportunities for employees to connect and learn from each other, while developing their career skills.

Networking Groups

With support and guidance from management, the Focus EduVation employees have formed networking groups to find employees around the company with common interests and lifestyles. These networks bring together employees with similarities in areas like ethnicity, gender, nationality, lifestyle, and sexual orientation. These groups offer our employees the opportunity to network with each other while providing encouragement and an enhanced sense of belonging.

We’ve expanded these groups to provide additional opportunities through informal mentoring, professional and community events, and access to personal and professional development and growth. Additionally, networking groups help foster a more inclusive work environment, improve communication among employees, and enhance understanding of all employees about the value of diversity.

Career Management Program

Focus EduVation is committed to developing the workforce and helping employees achieve their personal and professional goals. Through an intensive Career Management Program, we develop, fully engage, and retain high-performing talent. Employees spend time each month developing and strengthening network and mentoring relationships, engaging in new activities, and exploring new assignments or positions at Focus EduVation. Managers participate in a kickoff session and a mid-program discussion with the coach and participant, in addition to holding monthly career-related discussions with participants.