Dr. Fiore is a highly technological curriculum specialist who champions student achievement and faculty development, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and consistently exceeding performance goals. Proactive leader and team player with proven success in building effective partnerships and elevating instructional practices through innovative curriculum design. Anne-Marie combines ability in online teaching with learning and development methodologies to create high performing academic teams. Dr. Fiore has a long record of accomplishment for applying business and quantitative acumen and is adept at using data to ensure operational excellence and quality of online programs.


From Remote Teaching to Online Learning

When the coronavirus hit, college and universities turned on a dime, retooled, and the Synchronous Zoom Classroom was born. The “Zoom Room” was asynchronous, real-time instructional experience, typically via videoconferencing. Recently, Inside Higher Ed reported that “experts” said synchronous instruction “wasn’t necessarily a bad thing in an emergency.[1] Among other benefits, synchronous instruction can provide socially…

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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Making Individual Connections With Online Students

In the absence of meeting your students in a face to face course, how can instructors make individualized connections with their students in the online course environment? Introduce yourself and demonstrate to the students that you have a passion for the subject of the course. Provide a video introduction. Provide your professional biography and a…