Focus EduVation is a custom e-Learning solutions provider and services for industry verticals.

  • Educational publishers
  • Higher ed institutions
  • Consumer services and retail organizations
  • Healthcare companies

It is our belief that the world of education and e-Learning is constantly evolving and the only way to keep this alive is through constant innovation. Education + Innovation = EduVation, a formula that we believe is the key to educating the next, and current, generation of learners. Focus EduVation has over a decade of  experience as a partner to institutions and educators around the country. We offer a variety of services to a large selection of institutions and industries, and our overall goal is to help improve learning outcomes and learners’ e-Learning experience.

about usWe want you to be as excited about learning as we are! Teaching and learning are ongoing in life. There is a great big world out there full of information and we want to help people understand some of it. We’re in this together. We want to empower learners by giving them the tools to make them successful at whatever they are trying to achieve. Whether the activities are for a child or an adult, we can make learning more interesting than just reading words. We believe in making new technology and approaches in learning friendly and engaging.

At Focus EduVation our expert team specializes in creating: assessments, content, graphics, animation, and engaging e-Learning modules. We offer a unique selection of solutions that are capable of educating and training learners of all learning styles and levels. Each customized e-Learning solution includes measurement tools that allow educators to assess the effectiveness of each solution.

Guiding Principles and Philosophy

We are a company located just outside of the Boston, Massachusetts area. Our teams are comprised of highly creative, experienced and talented people who believe the learner should always remain at the core of the  process. Speaking to learners in a meaningful and fresh way is at the heart of what we do, and is the key to our success. Our real value addition to any project comes from our core beliefs.

Content has always ruled the roost, and we practice it each day.

In order to provide top e-Learning solutions, we continuously monitor the issues and challenges faced by educators and business leaders. When a client comes to us with an opportunity to address these challenges we are able to offer a quick, cost-effective, and quality solution. Clients bring us their educational goals and we develop the solutions to create an all-inclusive learner experience.

By incorporating new technology and approaches to learning with our innovative assessments, content, graphics, and animations we are able to take real-world examples and convert them into a stimulating and engaging learning experience. This experience allows learners to digest and retain information—completing the learning cycle.

For every project we follow a clearly mandated process that starts with the client and establishing their objectives. From there, our team will brainstorm solutions and work with instructional designers to enhance and elevate the original idea. A team of specialized reviewers will fine-tune the ideas before handing them over to our animators and designers. From here, the project will be developed and brought to life.

Throughout the entire process there are QA procedures in place to ensure alignment with established educational standards. We also work to involve the client during the development process so they have a continuous opportunity to provide feedback.


At Focus Eduvation, our learning infrastructure speaks to our eye for innovation. We’ve assembled a state-of-the-art facility focused on precipitating the e-Learning revolution. Our unmatched digital solutions offer our clients the ability to provide an engaging learning experience for learners that will fuel their curiosity and imagination, leading to significantly improved outcomes.

We feel that  the teams at every company are challenged with access to timely resources and the lack of collaboration within teams. We work very hard to ensure that the teams are well equipped with the state-of-the-art tools and with access to the content libraries, resources from the web, printed materials and also a wealth of experienced senior team resources.


At Focus Eduvation, we ensure that every solution that we offer is backed with a comprehensive support program. O24_7 support-Appli devur engineering teams meet expectations to design the product; then, after the solution has been delivered and implemented, they stay on the job to address any challenges that may arise. These challenges could be related to integration with the clients’ learning management system, interface and ease of navigation on the designed solutions, or just the API creation and the integration. Our goal is to ensure that our clients get what they asked for, and that we have their back at all times.


“You might think you can’t do something, but you’ve got to find a way. This is the best way to meet challenges. Bottom-line, we figure it out.”


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