How Admissions Counselors Show You Endless Possibilities

Remote higher education learning has become increasingly more popular and convenient in modern society. Virtual classrooms offer flexibility, resources, and interactive academics for adults looking to gain new skills and knowledge while maintaining their busy schedules. The student can focus on occupational responsibilities as well as balancing family time. It can cut costs as well,…


From Remote Teaching to Online Learning

When the coronavirus hit, college and universities turned on a dime, retooled, and the Synchronous Zoom Classroom was born. The “Zoom Room” was asynchronous, real-time instructional experience, typically via videoconferencing. Recently, Inside Higher Ed reported that “experts” said synchronous instruction “wasn’t necessarily a bad thing in an emergency.[1] Among other benefits, synchronous instruction can provide socially…

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Returning to School at Age 40, 50, and Beyond

The number of adult undergraduates (over 25) is projected to grow 21 percent by 2022.[1] Adults are going back to college for a master’s degree or finishing degree; a bachelor’s degree is becoming increasingly common. With flexible options, including online education and accelerated learning, the opportunities are endless. There are many reasons adults return to…