Mobile and Tablet Application Development

Mobile and tablet devices are the new frontier of marketing, sales, and service. By the end of 2014, it’s estimated that more people will access the Internet via mobile devices than desktops.
But with manufacturers constantly bringing new devices to market, it’s tricky to support all these devices. The variety of operating systems, screen sizes, and interaction models create design and development challenges. Since customers use different technologies for different purposes, how do you decide which mobile solutions to develop for which devices?

Focus EduVation knows how to address these questions. As we design and develop, we consider how current devices and technologies impact your goals:

  • How will different form factors and interaction paradigms enhance or limit experience of your content?
  • Is it better to create device-specific experiences, or browser-based applications that let you reach thousands of customers on older devices?
  • How can we best architect data delivery, API management, security, and scalability to ensure optimal performance?

In this way, we create a roadmap for success—and determine metrics to measure it—to ensure that your mobile and tablet applications give you a competitive edge.

Our approach can be divided into two phases: Strategy/ User Experience and Design/ Build.
The first phase involves research, analysis of the project, project definition, and account planning.
The second phase, design and build, is where we create responsive web solutions, enterprise content management, ASP.NET development, eCommerce, multi-channel integration, and managed services.

Our multi-disciplinary teams strive to create innovative, scalable, tailor-made solutions. The end result looks fantastic and functions brilliantly—whether it’s accessed via desktop, mobile or tablet.