Online Course

How to Enhance and Update Your Online Course

The world is changing rapidly, and education must change with it. With the rise of technology, we have seen amazing growth in learning. Classes have become remote, online and based in technology, regardless of discipline or degree. However, even though online courses have only become popular in recent years, many of them can feel stale or stagnant. Because of this, it is important to know how to keep your e-Learning solutions updated and modern.

The Value of a Modern Online Course

Online learning is quickly becoming the most popular type of education for young individuals. This trend is forecasted to continue into the foreseeable future. This means that not only will there be more students consuming online courses, but more online courses will be produced. Because of this, it is important to consider enhancing your online course in order to stay competitive and relevant. Also, as times change, subject matter should be updated and revised to be more in line with modern developments. Online course enhancements aren’t just about visual face-lifts, they’re about staying relevant.

On the other hand, online college courses have to worry less about competitiveness in the online space. However, this does not make these courses exempt from needing an update. Stagnant courses can have a hard time engaging students. This lack of engagement can lead to less student success and lower participation. Also, students who are not engaged by an online course will generally learn less than those who are. The purpose of higher education is to ready students for their careers, and stale classes can’t achieve that.

Updating and Enhancing Your Online Course

There are many ways to improve your online course development, and combining these methods can have tremendous results. Besides an aesthetic face-lift, you should also consider new instructional design to increase student retention in your online course.


Classroom analytics are some of the most valuable tools in an educator’s arsenal. These tools allow you to assess the progress and success of your students in real-time and promote better learning. Analytics can tell you where students are not understanding material. They also show how ready students are to move on in the curriculum. Overall, analytics give you the knowledge necessary to help your students be successful. As an added benefit, they also show you where you can improve your course.

Update Your Material

Curriculum is the core of any course and can make or break a student’s entire experience. Updating your course material can keep your online course more topical. It can also ensure that your course isn’t using resources that may be less popular than they once were. Updated material can also be tailored to your students’ specific needs, guaranteeing they aren’t missing out on a learning experience.

Engage Students

Finally, it is important for you, as an instructor to personally engage your students. Being available for assistance, or simply on a personal level, can go a long way toward promoting their success. Make your course more than just a weekly PowerPoint, and get your students excited about what they’re learning.


All in all, updating your online course is essential to the success of not only you, but also your students. With the right course enhancements, you can see an increase in student success as well as student retention.