Focus EduVation has a commitment to the accessibility and functionality of its website content. This commitment takes the form of a constantly evolving service of improving accessibility for our community of users. As the technology of the Internet evolves, we share with our users the ongoing task of learning how to improve the website and its services. The intended audiences for these pages are:

  • Persons with disabilities who use our website and want to know about the features of the site to meet their needs;
  • The personnel of businesses who want to know how accessibility is being addressed by our website; and
  • Educators who are looking for information about accessibility policies, requirements, and best practices.

To Report an Accessibility Issue:

If you are having problems accessing information on our website using assistive technology, you are encouraged to contact Contact Jim Miller at and report that issue via email. Please include in your report a description of the issue and the full web page URL on which you encountered the issue. By including the URL, we can get to work to identify the issue and remedy it as quickly as possible. We understand that such issues may interfere with your ability to obtain and use information. We want to remove any barriers to your access to information on our website.

If you need an alternative means of access to any information on our website, please contact us. Let us know the nature of your accessibility problem, the web address of the requested information, and your contact information.